OEM contract development of Japan made products

We are a general trading company making things about beauty and health.
We will propose new products that match your needs and times.

A general trading company that creates.


The idea of ​​delaying the progress of aging, not immortality. Improving the quality of food, sleep, exercise and beauty in everyday life is also an important factor in fact that anti-aging is essential.


Those that are not used for healing but are used for cosmetic purposes, or those that have a reduced effect on the human body.


It is important to keep the environment around me clean in daily life.


There is no end to making things, and we always take in new things, make improvements, and renovate.


Conduct environmentally-friendly research and product development so that people do not suffer damage to life or health.


Manage Co., Ltd., which operates Beauty Farm, is a general trading company that supports customers' "manufacturing" and "living environment" in various fields.

OEM business

As a general trading company related to beauty and health,
we will propose products that match your needs and times.

Beauty Farm Strengths

  • 1.Proposal and development ability

    We offer proposals from the perspective of clients and consumers while meeting a wide variety of needs. By experience, technology and knowledge that we have accumulated over many years, we will respond flexibly in various situations.

    2.Qality management(made in JAPAN)

    Implement safe and secure product design and development based on the principle of quality improvement at our partner factories in Japan.

  • 3.Productivity

    With equipment capable of many types of dosage forms and packaging, integrated production can be performed from procurement of raw materials to final products. Meeting the needs of clients, we aim to be the best production system that you can understand.


    We will make every effort to provide products that are as close as possible to the needs of our clients, making use of the knowledge that comes from the manufacturing results of many items.

Research and Development

We perform manufacturing, analytical testing, and quality control at various facilities to meet the needs of our customers. Our research and development department will make suggestions as well as providing prototypes in line with the plans requested by customers. In addition, we aim at the production of products under the thorough quality control and pharmaceutical management system. The R & D department is committed to research and development in order to pursue better usability and convenience while giving top consideration to product safety. In addition, the raw materials used are determined after scrutiny, and only raw materials that meet our strict standards are used. Based on long-term experience and experimental data, we will prototype and propose products in line with customer requirements.

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Consignment Item | OEM

Providing highly safe products under strict quality control, we have long been favored by many customers in a wide range of industries and industries in various sales channels and applications.

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